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In the U.S., the majority of concrete is still made with ordinary portland cement, whereas Europe and many other parts of the world have transitioned heavily toward blended cement products. 

Almost anywhere you use ordinary portland cement, you can use PLC instead. Transportation infrastructure has seen quite a bit of PLC usage. Several state DOTs in the U.S. have had good success placing PLC concrete pavements for more than a decade. And it’s appropriate for bridge applications, too, from top to bottom, everything from the deck down to the foundation, including geotechnical work.


PLC concrete is also a natural fit for structural members in any type or size of building, and also, exterior finishes, hardscaping, and parking lots. Architects and other designers who are tasked with meeting goals put forth by green rating systems or codes will find PLC (Type IL) an especially useful material to help them achieve a lower carbon footprint for any project.​

For more information about sustainable concrete use, visit the Shaped by Concrete website.

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