Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With PLC

The same durable, resilient concrete you depend on can now reduce your carbon footprint by 10%.

Easy. Proven. Readily available.


Same durability.

Same resilience.

10% carbon footprint reduction.


Portland-limestone cement is engineered with a higher limestone content. PLC gives specifiers, architects, engineers, producers, and designers a greener way to execute any structure, paving, or geotech project, with virtually no modifications to mix design or placing procedures. All while maintaining the resilience and sustainability you’ve come to expect from portland cement concrete.


*Typically, PLC can reduce your carbon footprint by 10%.

Get All the Facts
About Portland-Limestone Cement

Tested & Proven

Decades of research, testing, and use by cement manufacturers, ready mix producers, and builders prove PLC performs as well as portland cement.

1:1 Replacement & Performance

Same mixing and handling. Same strength and durability. If you work with cement and concrete, you already know how to work with PLC.

Applications & Uses

Structures. Bridges. Paving. Geotech. Anywhere you use ordinary portland cement, you can use PLC.

Worldwide Acceptance

US, Canadian, and European standards define and support PLC's global usage.

Click here for guidance on adding PLC specifications to your project.

CO2 Calculator

See how much CO2 you can save using PLC.
Enter your building size or pavement length to see how much you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Enter Your Project Size

(Total Square Feet)

(Total Lane-Miles)


 To view the assumptions made on these calculations, see our advanced calculator. 

4 Million
Metric tons of PLC used in US 2012-2018
Metric tons CO2 savings from PLC 2012-2018
8.1 Million
Metric tons total potential CO2 savings from 100% PLC use in 2019

Case Studies

A Colorado First:
Highway 287

PLC Helps CDOT Meet the State’s Climate Action Plan

Case Study
Headline Will
Go Here

Case Study Subhead Will
Be Placed Here

Case Study
Headline Will
Go Here

Case Study Subhead Will
Be Placed Here





Check out a few of the most frequently asked questions here or submit a question to the experts.

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Q: Is PLC specified as a Type IL or a Type GUL?

Q: Will my architect's plans have to change?

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