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1:1 Replacement & Performance

The same durable, resilient concrete you depend on just got better.

Now you can reduce the carbon footprint of your structure with one simple change.


That easy change will have a big, sustainable impact. Swapping out ordinary portland cement (OPC) for portland-limestone cement (PLC) 10% reduces CO2 by roughly 10%. And because PLC works with other supplementary cementing materials, you can still use fly ash or slag to reduce the carbon footprint of your concrete even further.

Ready mix producers know materials in their market and work with many of them. If a material changes, some testing is warranted until they understand how it works with other ingredients in the mix.


A switch to PLC (Type IL) is handled the same way as a switch to any other new material, with an investigation of fresh mixture behavior and hardened properties. Once a ready-mix producer establishes baseline performance, they can make minor adjustments as needed to accommodate any material combination. Typically, PLC mixtures require little or no adjustment to concrete mixture designs to achieve the same strength, durability and resilience as mixtures with the same amounts of OPC. 


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